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"I Was On Mat Leave And Planned To Have a Light Year But When I Looked at The Numbers For The Second Half Of The Year... I Saw I Was Already At $60K... I Can't Imagine What Next Year Gonna Look Like When I'll Be Working Full Time!"

Danielle Binns  – Creator of The Picky Eater Protocol

"Within a Month After Launching The Ads... I Was Making Money and Had a Positive Return on My Investment!"

Kate Matheson - Creator of The Fully Booked Blueprint

"After a Couple Of Days... The Calls and The Leads Started POURING  Literally! Don't Waste Any More Money On Trying To Do It Yourself Or Finding a Cheaper Route, It Will OnlyJust Take You Longer To Get To Your Goal!"

Dione Harrison – Founder of Pretty Dope Brows

"I Had a Previous Bad Experience With a Facebook Strategist So I Was Hesitant To Work With Someone Again... But Jean-Michel Got Me Over 2,000 New Buyers In Just a Couple Of Months"

Sarah Rosensweet – Peaceful Parenting Coach

"50 New Customers EVERY SINGLE Day With Cold Traffic After Just Working 2 Weeks With Jean-Michel! It's Very Rare To Find Someone Who Knows Direct Response Marketing, How To Scale Facebook Ads and Copywriting."

Joseph Atallah – Marketing Consultant

"I Tried To Sell My Course on Udemy and I Was Sure It Was Going To Work But It Didn't Sell Anything... But Then I Found Jean-Michel and After Launching I Started Seeing SALES! I Started Seeing SALES Quicker Than I Was Seeing Sales on Udemy!"

Shawn Conrad – Creator of The Voice-Over Blueprint

"We've Already Made Some Book SALES! I don't think I'd be as far as I would be right now without his help. Jean-Michel actually cares about your success!"

Daniel Rinella – Author of The Book "AFOs, Foot Drop & Fall Prevention"

"You Get More From What You Invest! We are growing each month by 10%"

"You Get More From What You Invest!
We are growing each month by 10%"

Valentin Millet – Co-Founder of Crealunch

"I Went From an Unprofitable Funnel To
a Profitable One in Just 3 Weeks!"

"I Went From an Unprofitable Funnel To a Profitable One in Just 3 Weeks!"

Tim Campanella - Creator of The Technique Freedom Program

How Much Money Can We Add To Your Business In The Next Coming Days?

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$120,269.00 in 30 days?

$7.08X ROAS in 30 days?

Who Am I?

Jean-Michel CHOW, founder of the The Direct Response Marketers

I'm definitely NOT another guru...

Cuz I don't make my money by teaching others how to do it...

I'm just doing it. Every day.

I love to build offers and send traffic to them so my partners and I can grow together.

I've launched and run successful offers in different niches (parenting, relationship, biz op, manifestation etc...).

And if I'm able to do this...

It's probably because of 3 reasons...

1. I LOVE this game. It doesn't feel like work for me but play.

2. I've been doing it since 2017...

3. I've been lucky enough to learn from la crème de la crème in the direct response game...

Me (the skinny guy standing) with the folks from Agora Financial (one of the biggest direct response publishing companies in the world) & 50 of the best media buyers in the world...

A-list and master copywriter John Forde and Me. Yes, he's tall (and I'm short which doens't help)...

But more importantly...

I'm constantly in the trenches.

Launching, optiziming and scaling offers with cold traffic.

I have a good idea about what works or not TODAY.

Not the things that used to work a few years ago.

So if you don't want to reinvent the wheel when it comes to generating customers from cold traffic and monetizing then...

And want to get back your time so you can spend it on the things that you love (instead of setting your funnel, running your ads or writing copy)...

What One Of The Smartest Marketers Has To Say About Me (Humble bragging uh uh)...

Todd Brown

Considered the #1 authority on engineering profitable customer acquisition campaigns

"Jean-Michel CHOW (aka. JMC) has transformed himself into one heck of a good copywriter.

In fact, I believe so strongly in his potential... I spoke to my friend, world-class marketer, Rich Schefren, about hiring JMC to do some writing for an upcoming project. 

Keep an eye on this kid. I predict big things for him!"

- Todd Brown

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme or an easy button. Success in business requires work. There’s no guarantees of success or anything else, in this partnership, or in life. And we are here to help by sharing our most effective strategies, tools, and ideas to support you. Nothing on this page is a promise of any result. Testimonials are reflective only of past results specific to the individuals shown.

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